Tips to Make Good Customer Service Great

Whether you work for a company that provides a product or a service or you run your own small business from home, great customer service is your best marketing tool. When you treat customers and clients with respect, enthusiasm and a great attitude, they are likely to come back to you over and over again. You are probably already a superstar when it comes to customer service – of course you are! Take advantage of these tips to take it up to the next level:

1. Respond immediately. Even if you do not have an answer right away, do not leave a customer hanging. Let your customer know that you are working on it. For example, if someone emails you with a question and it is going to take some research, shoot an email right back letting the customer know that you are working on the matter, and you should have an answer by the end of the day. If a voicemail is left, take a moment to call back and let your customer know you received it and will get back to them as soon as possible.

2. Admit when you are wrong. Most customers do not care if mistakes are made. They know that no one is perfect. The easy way to a client’s heart is by admitting your mistakes and fixing them right away. Transparency is essential to building trust with your customers. Pretending you did nothing wrong when you did will only damage your reputation.

3. Do what you said you would do. Keeping promises is essential to building trust. It can be tempting to oversell what we can do, especially if it means closing a big sale or bringing a new client on board. Make sure you do not promise something you cannot deliver. This will leave you in an awkward position and your customer second-guessing your capabilities.

4. Avoid business jargon. Provide great customer service by talking to your customers like they are real people. Because, of course, they are real people. They might not be as wise to your industry lingo as you are. If you talk to them openly and clearly, they will appreciate having you answer the phone instead of someone who will make them feel confused.


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